Historic Objects

The Museum maintains a collection of more than 50,000 objects representative of the history of San Joaquin County. The collection includes artifacts from the Weber-Kennedy family, such as furnishings, objects, and archival materials that belonged to Charles Weber (founder of Stockton) and other family members. Among the many other items in the Museum collection are textiles (quilts, coverlets, tapestries, etc.), clothing, Chinese theatrical costumes, Native American artifacts (baskets, tools, etc.), furniture, household items, personal items (jewelry, accessories, etc.), recreational items (toys, games, sports equipment, etc.), firearms, items related to communication (sound, written, and visual), transportation artifacts (saddles, harness, tack, carriages and wagons, trucks and autos, etc.), tractors and other agricultural and earthmoving equipment, and tools (woodworking, blacksmith, harness-making, farrier, etc.).