The Museum in the News: "Explore the artistic heritage of the Hmong community" Stockton Record Documentary
The Museum in the News:

On August 4, 2019, the San Joaquin County Historical Museum was blessed to have Ms. Pachia Vang, the reigning Miss Hmong USA, visit the museum. Ms. Vang is a noted expert and educator on the intepretation of Hmong paj ntaub, the Hmong story clothes that comprise the bulk of the museum's current exhibit, Clothe as Community. Ms. Vang runs the Culture through Cloth nonprofit, which is dedicated to preserving the history, culture, and production of paj ntaub in the Hmong diaspora. 

San Joaquin County and Stockton are home to a large Hmong community, and Stockton was one of the first cities in California that Hmong refugees from Southeast Asia settled, in 1981. On August 4, Ms. Vang walked through our exhibit with Mr. Wang Thao, Director of the local Hmong International Cultural Institute, discussing the history of the Hmong diaspora in the Central Valley and interpreting the various story cloth paj ntaub on display at the museum. Stockton Record journalists Elizabeth Roberts and Calixtro Romias were on the scene to record the meeting. The resulting documentary can be accessed in the link below.